Cables and spkrs. for Denon AVR 5700?

I am getting a Denon AVR 5700 this week. I have Monitor Audio M14 speakers and use Monster Cable M2.4s speaker cables. I have Tributaries SCA 300 interconnects and XLO ER5 Coax. I am looking for that occasional synergy between amp, cables and speakers that approaches the high and in realism, without the usual "brightness" of this type of system. I am considering the Harmonic Technology Truthlink for analogue outs, and the Tara Labs Prism D2 coax for 5.1 audio. I have auditioned the Aeriel Acoustics Model 6, The Vienna Acoustics Mozarts', B&W 805 and 804s', and various Sonus Fabers'. So far the Aeriels' were the most involving musically. This is partly due to the Classe` audio system they were auditioned on, but I heard the B&Ws' on the same system and did not get quite as involved in the music. I need this system to function for both stereo and 5.1 purposes. Any suggestions would be truly appreciated.
BM, I use the Marantz SR 18 and the Marantz 930 DVD player, ALL my cables are D.H.LABS, T-14 on the speakers , BL-I`s interconnects on all the source equipment, D-75 for the digital cable, speakers are all Maggies, 1.6`s and there center channel,and there surrounds. M&K 105 sub. I like the sound of the D.H.LABS stuff, it has good staging and a clean top end, the low end is strong,I can find a better cable for the money, there are better cables out there ,just don`t know of any at the price that the D.H.LABS sells there cables at!!! The wife and I built the room a year ago in our garage, the size is 20x12x9 its sound great in here.I hope this helps you with you cables ,but just go hear them you can find them on the audiogon site use all the time,cheap!!! There new Q-10 speaker cable is even better,I use it on the low end of the 1.6`s. Greg
Thanks Drumsgreg, My room size is almost identical. I will ask around and see if friends or dealers that I know have any of the cables you mentioned and try them out.