Cables and reviewers

Tons of creative designs out there. Lots of reviewers, with no consensus as to what's best. Seems to me that if there was a superior design, then we would see some kind of consensus forming around it. Maybe cable choice just not that important, at a given price point.

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...and lots of their designers have no idea about engineering at all or even reality.
Whatever cables were used in recording studio to make good recordings, those have been tested good and savvy. That’s logical and clear and they weren’t priced $4,000 per foot for sure... That’s where the dumb and simple math beats any sophisticated science or reviews behind and idea of high-end audio cables industry and sometimes being dumb is much smarter than listening or reading ta all kinda revieuz and pretending that you’re genius. Among the pro-audio grades there are not too many choices to think of: Mogami, Canare and Monster-pro and some more lower grades. Using these brands for all of your home audio needs solves all cable problems because most of them were used to bring the best recordings you’re listening to now. The other reason to use pro grade that studio engineers choosing proper cables can't be fooled as trivial home audio consumers with all these fancy features of  just a wire after all.