Cables advice for ARC + Mark Levinson + Wilson

Hi all,
My system:
Pre: ARC Ref. 3
Power: ML 33H
Speakers: Wilson W/P 7

I am tuning the system with new interconnect cables.
I have used MIT Magnum MA XLR between the Pre and the Power amplifier but the result was a lean sound without dynamics and without bass. I would say that the cable has produced a too dry sound.

So I tryed Transparent ULTRA RCA that I got in house and I got much better bass and dynamics.

So, considering that I will discard the MITs, what the best cable for this setup on the surce-pre and pre-amp interconnection?

I'm considering:
- Transparent Reference
- XLO Signature
- others...
I had a similar system of a ARC Ref 5, Krell Evo 403e (Also had ML 433) and Wilson Sasha W/P.

I used Transparent Ref XL, and the sound was never thin nor lean, I would suggest the Ref or Ref XL if you can swing it, and do try to get the MM2 tech models as they are substantially more open than the older models.
One of the very best cables I ever heard, in various Systems, was (or is) XLO Signature. Very fast, extremely good and airy top end, no coloration, top bass Performance, great Soundstage, overall, simply a good Design.
For some nice richness and a bit of warmth, put a TOTL Cardas cable between your pre and power amp. I had a dryish sound as you do and stumbled upon a pair of used Golden Refs, the results were not subtle and I love them.
Give Nordost Heimdall IC a try and see if they work for you. I have them and they sound great! They may still be 1/2 off regular price from some vendors. Try MusicDirect and Upscale Audio.
elite1967, nice system you're assembling ! A lot of wilson owners use transparent (I do also) Was the Ultra a MM2 version ?
Hi all,
I will receive a pair of XLO signature and see how they go.

thanks to all

I was lucky enough to get some demo time w/ ARC + ML+ Wilson
Sophia/Sasha recently. The system was tied together w/ Transparent Opus cable/cords and Transparent power conditioners. Easily, this was the best sound I have heard, to date.