I have a system consisting of an Aragon 8008BB amp and a Aragon 28K preamp. I would like input on better speaker cables in the market without spending a fortune- I am considering Kimber Kables 8TC. Anyone with experience with these?
There have been many threads about the Kimber 8TC cables over the past 4-5 years, and I have never seen anyone make a bad comment about them. I used the 8TC's for 4+ years, and was extremely pleased with them. The sole reason I am not using them today is that I decided to "upgrade" to the Alpha-Core Goertz MI2's.

The current issue of "The Absolute Sound" has the first part of a 2-part review on speaker cables, and the 8TC was discussed. The reviewer (Paul Seydor, I think) rated the 8TC's very highly, even compared to cables costing about twice as much. You won't go wrong buying the 8TC cable. I recommend having the dealer terminate them with a high quality spade.
In the lower priced category they are a great value. Actually in my experience a Bi Wire set with 4tc on top and 8tc on the bottom worked very well.
Sa99, On AUDIOGON right now is a pair of used SONORAN DESERT
PLATEAU.I would try to deal with that person. Go to the forum and read about SONORAN.
You should consider the FLEXYGY 6 from River Cable Technologies. Very reasonably priced with a 30-day home trial. More importantly....they sound great!
Buy used. Many good bargains here in Audiogon.
Another great direct seller is [email protected] whose eight foot pair of speaker cables is $180 list price. There is money back home trial with these cables.
I happened to replace a pair of Alpha Core MI-3 speaker cables (MI-2 mentioned above,) which are themselves fantastic cables. The Straley is more three dimensional, and revealed detailed cues for performers, and performing space. Blessedly free of any listener fatigue with less than perfect recordings. The bottom line is that a home trial lets you decide, without sales pressure, or time pressure.
Second S'genius. Buy used and get the benefit of a lower price and cables (that in most cases) are already broken-in.

Best regards in your search.