I have a McIntosh MC275 Tube amp witha McIntosh C22 Tube PreAmp I have a Marantz CD17m11 I have tryed for cables (Moneter 850i& 950 as well as Home grown silver also Custun house cables and DH labs BL1 I also run a MR71 TUBE TUNER I have been using MONSTER BIWIRE 1.4S 20' wire PLEASE TELL ME WHAT ARE THE BEST INTERCONNECTS AND SPEAKER WIRE PLEASE!!!!! I also run a Z-MAN between the CD and the preamp THANKYOU
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I think you should try the MIT MH750 for your speaker and MIt MI330 as for your interconnect. Please note speaker cable must be 12FT or more and interconnect must be 1 to 1.5M to be best for the performance. You will find the MIT will have a lot more bass, detail and sound stage than the Monister cable. Just for your reminder, since you have tube equipment. You must make sure you have the best tube for your equipment. When you look for these cable, make sure look for the older model like 5 years or older and they are not expensive. Good Luck
do you mean I should look for older interconnect on the web site or buy new at the store? also have you heard of kimberselect 1030 3/4 wbt/rca=400.00 is thtis a good cable ?? thank you