Cableplex?Anybody heard of them?

On ebay this homebrew has a number of products being sold under dutch bidding.Was just amazed that all this guy seemed to sell was interconnects and power and cords and he has 1200 plus positive feedback NO negative.Amazing as you would think somebody would have unreasonable expectations and burn this guy.Silver coated copper interconects for $30 a meter.$50 14 guage power cords.Seller claims this sounds like Kimber and silver Streak at fraction of their cost.I am the utlimate cable skeptic -could this be the path to happinness?

I have two sets of IC's from Matt (the Cableplex guy). First, he's a great guy to deal with. Very professional and courteous. Second, the IC's are a GREAT deal for the money. They will really kill anything out there in the under $100 range, and are very competitive with cables costing up to $200. I bought my pair during a brief period that I downsized my system (mostly by just getting rid of cables), and was really quite impressed with their quality. They are well made, and their sound is quite good. MUCH better than Kimber PBJ, in my opinion. I haven't heard the Silver Streaks, but I did use DH Labs Air Matrix for awhile, and I would say that the sonic characteristics are very similar (they both used silver coated copper conductors). I'd probably give the DH Labs cables the slight edge, but they also cost 5-6 times as much. You really can't go wrong with the Cableplex IC's. At the very least, you can compare them to stock cables and see if you can notice a difference. If you do, however, be warned... As a one time cable skeptic that has been converted, this $30 revelation might quickly become a very expensive one!
I have purchased MANY cables from Matt, and have been satisfied with all of them. His $30 connect 1 interconnect had much more detail than the Kimber Hero @ $140. I have both of his power cords the quality is wery good. This is IMHO the best way to upgrade for a minimal investment.

If he can make them yet, his Nirvana level interconnects are amazing. They bested a pair of $400 Straightwires in our tests. He has been having trouble getting the materials for these cables, so my guess is, they wont be available until you see them advertised on ebay.
Also do you know his direct email?Why cut in ebay if not needed to for his sake.
To contact him just go to a site where he's selling something and click on "ask seller a question". He's a great guy to deal with. I have some of his interconnects and am very impressed with build and sound quality. At 30 bucks they are a bargain. His PC I believe are basically Jon Risch design judging by the Belden cable he uses.
The power cord is I believe like the Asylum cord, which is a Bob Crump design, not Jon Risch. My other post is in error.