Cabledyne Synergy Silver Speaker Cables

Came across a post on Cabledyne, read about them, I think I liked what I read and would like to know if there are folks here with first hand experience. 

AM seriously considering a set of the Synergy Silver....Opinions folks??
I believe that was my post (the one about the Cabledyne Virtuoso SC).
Since no one has chimed in yet, allow me to drone on a bit.

The Silver Synergy SCs are very well made and have an equally nice look to them and the copper woven sheath makes for a rather sturdy cable. That quality goes right down to the gold BFA banana terminations. They use 12GA high purity stranded silver.

The sound will be closed in in the bass and in the highs for a good two days but it breaks in quickly after that. I believe 70 hours or so are recommended for break in but they will sound really good long before that.

They have great attack and dynamics as well as great separation and sound staging. The presentation is more forward than not but not annoyingly so. It’s more like sitting closer to the performers. Not only is the sound stage wide but it can go deep, if recorded or engineered that way.

They don’t have what some call "that silver sound" that I can tell. Bass is deep and textured, mids are full and have natural tone, and highs go on like, forever dude. 👍

They are designed by an ex engineer from Belden Wire & Cable so they have the cred that many tout here on these pages and they’re not made for heavy handed repeated use in a recording venue (although they look and handle like they could) but for "audiophile" use (yes, even Belden engineers can make better than standard cables).

I liked them well enough to take a chance on the Virtuoso SCs (up in their line) and am soooo glad I did. Had I not, I’d still be perfectly content with the Silver Synergy. I hope this helps.

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I have two of the Synergy power cords,but no ICs or SCs.They are clean,clear,and very quiet.They eliminated a bit of haze that I didn't realize was there until it was gone.Sturdy connectors and very flexible,which is great.
I've been running a set for about two months with my Spatial Triode Masters and am very satisfied with them.  Not hearing any hint of harshness or brightness.
I ordered a pair and expect delivery early next week and am looking forward to them. Thanks for the input folks!!!

if you are looking for solid silver cables, like Cabledyne, my recommendation is to get Crystal Clear Audio Cables. They are also solid silver conductors, but much better built and much better sounding than Cabledyne.

I have tried both. I admit only on power cords and XLR ICs, and Crystal Clear Audio cables win by a mile. They even beat my Wireworld Platinum Series 7 hands down.
I bet they sound better tough to compare a pair of $295 cables against a pair of $2500 cables, 
Huh? The Cabledyne Virtuoso 1.5 M power cord with upgraded NCF Furutech plugs costs $1,100. The top of the line Crystal Clear Audio Magnum Opus cable at 1.2 meter costs $3,000 on website. But I got it used, from an "insider" paying much less than that. I am talking below $1,000. And it's substantially better, although I (stressing I here) paid less. 
The Silver Synergy’s arrived on Monday and my God they sound fabulous already!

The only way I can describe what I am hearing is it seems the frequency bandwith in my previous cables didn’t arrive simultaneously. It seems that the entire signal is more time aligned, does that make any sense?

And both the clarity and sound stage is amazing right out of the box!

Love em!
Yes, it does make sense. One of the designs elements of their cables is to have no dielectric dissipation loss for the length of the cable. It may have something to do with maintaining better phase response which would explain the overall coherence of the sound.

There's less smearing of the sound which accounts for the great separation and image placement as well as that see-through ability. 

Glad you're pleased with them as I'm a big fan of Cabledyne as well.

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Truthfully, cables were never something I believed in until yesterday, they really made a tremendous difference!
Absolutely! Cables do make a difference. If one chooses to try, rather than read about them in the Internets. Skeptics that never try, would still say: placebo effect, your ears are playing tricks with you, no blind test to substantiate, and all that BS
I believe they did, which was a bad thing as they made some wonderful speaker cables for the prices they asked, especially their entry line Silver Synergy line.

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