Cabledyne speaker cables?

Has anyone tried Cabledyne silver speaker cables? Considering these and would appreciate feedback before I jump in. Opinions please.
I own some of their Reference Silver power cords, interconnects, and mostly recently Bi-wire speaker cables. Very nicely made and the sonics compare to cables for many more dollars. Ed Bowman who front-ends the company is very helpful and knowledgeable.
I tried a full set of the Cabledyne silver cables in a balanced mode in my reference two channel system. My system consists of the Marantz four component Reference Series ($24K), Dunlavy SC-Vs, in a custom rack and dedicated engineered room. The existing cabling (to be replaced) was a mix of higher-end Audio Magic cables in single-ended arrangement. I spent a part of several days evaluating and switching between the two sets of cables. I had hoped that the Cabledynes would bump things up as I had a use for the Audio Magic cables in a new Home Theater project. After careful evaluation, I have to say that in my system the Cabledyne cables were clearly less transparent and analog sounding than the existing Audio Magic cables. I sent them back for a full refund and Ed Bowman was extremely professional throughout the process. There are a multitude of factors that come into play when selecting cables for a given system or anything else for that matter. For this particular application the Cabledynes fell short of the mark, but that does not necessarily mean that this would be the case in different circumstances. It seems to me that the Cabledynes represent a very good value point, but may not be an automatic answer in a more demanding environment.
Hello Brauser: Which model of Audio Magic cables did you compare the Cabledynes to? I once owned a pair of Sorcerer Liquid Air speaker cables but they were somewhat bright in my system.