Cabledyne - cable bargain of the century

I run a 2m Nordost Brahma AC cable from the wall to my power distributor. First cable from the wall is important as you all know.

On a whim I purchased a $200 AC power cable from an unknown company called Cabledyne.

It is better than the Brahma in every way. Not only for audio but for video (im a videophile as well, another expensive burden).

I really did not want to post this thread, as the whole 'X cable beats Nordost' thing is so cliche, but its true for me. For AC cables at least, Cabledyne is the bargain of all bargains and deserves some promotion.

A few proviso's - the Cabledyne is a 12 gauge cable. I'm fairly sure the Brahma is 13-14 gauge. So perhaps my system was AWG limited and the extra size is responsible for what im hearing/seeing? Possible but unlikely, as my wall wiring is not even 12 awg.

Cabledyne have a consistant design philosophy across their entire cable line - 6N monocrystal copper square wire as the conductor, MFA airtubes, and a passive chromium alloy sheath.

There are no higher/lower product lines, and very reasonable prices.
So you are saying that a $200 cord trumps a $1600 cord? A giant killer perhaps? The Cabledyne 1m cord is only $140 so for shitz and giggles I may have to try it out. If anything I could use it in my HT system which has those cheap vinyl cords.
Checked their site, interesting. May have to give them a try.
Definitely in the realistic realm as far as pricing plus no crazy, extravagant claims.
Yes Sonic Genius, that is what I am saying. But this is only in my system and only as a wall to distributor cord.

I have 2 more coming for a direct head to head against the Brahma and Vishu on components.
The "cable bargain of the century" has to be waiting for cables to show up used here or on Ebay and buying them unburdened (or merely entertained) by the endless pretentious hype displayed by cable manufacturers, or as in the case of Cabledyne, cable assemblers. I'm sure they sound great.
I got another couple of 1m Cabledyne power cords to try on components. This was direct against the Vishnu's and Brahma.

On my Oppo I preferred the Cabledyne by a leap. On the Dussun amplifier the Brahma and Cabledyne were not that far away from each other, with quite a different tonality and sonic perspective. I still preferred the CableDyne and my system has never sounded better in regards to all the power cables I have been through. There is just more detail but less harshness and 'digitalness'. At $140 for 1m these are a steal.

In fairness to Nordost, the Vishnu and the Brahma were released in 2003 and have been superceded, so I am open to trying a Frey 2 AC cable and see how it goes.
Agisthos, if you ever get a chance to try the speaker cables please let me know what you think about them.
I now have the Cabledyne PC on my Woo DAC, about 40 hours. It has opened up the soundstage where now there is no more haze. The other cords I am using are Audioquest NRG-5 and Synergistic Research Tesla T3SE and The Cabledyne is the clear winner. These cords have a flavor or coloration to them that the Cabledyne lacks. Cabledyne says they avoid fillers and PVC insulation so maybe this is a valid point.

I moved the Cabledyne cord to my Triode 300B amp and got similar results. This amp is very sensitive to PCs. Actually the stock PVC cord sounds good but it is too warm.

In summary the Cabledyne Ref. cord is fairly priced and delivers the goods.
Agisthos please comeback with your findings after comparing head to head with Frey2 PC