Cable upgrade, please help audioquest

I currently use the Tara Labs prism 55i, and would like to maybe try a different cable as i feel like i might be loosing some detail. I would also like to trim down the length fro 1.5m to .5 meter. I am looking at either the new Audioquest diamondback, coral or cardas quadlink. Or maybe something in the 60-70 used price range.

Any help would be really appreciated on any of these cables. I am leaning maybe towards the coral because they can be found pretty cheap now.

Where did the corals fit in when they were in production, are they better than the diamondbacks?

My equipment: Portal Panachne integrated, Arcam CD72, Tannoy Fusion 4 speakers.
I personally feel that a used Poiema ( read the reviews ) for a few more bucks will bring you much closer to nirvana. There are always great deals on these do to there being upgraded versions, and many keep trading up to the top of the line.I think there is a used pair of Poiema i/cs on this site fot around $100 .This would be "very lttle" amount of money very well spent on a great cable. I like audioquest and have owned many,but I am still uisng Ridge Street Poiema and feel its still a best buy out there,used or new....
Totally agree with Thorman. The price of original Poeimas have fallen to ridiculous levels (it's like gasoline, in reverse!) and you can snatch these up for peanuts. It's well worth your time and investment.
Hi,In that price range I would go to Alpha Core Gertz "Micro Pearl".Very good stuff for the money. The Gixerman
Have you considered the Kimber Silver Streak?
I have looked at the silver streak and alpha core, but they both seem to sell for about 100 dollars used. I do not know if I would want to pay that high of price...
Rtilbury: I don't want it to be taken the wrong way but ,you have quality equipment and by todays standards $100 per cable is pretty inexpensive.I would definately hold out a bit to save a few more bucks and invest in a cable that will move you system forward. To me its not worth upgrading if you not moving forward in sound. Good luck with whatever you decide....
Before you blow $100. Maybe you should try some of Hifi dream's ICs (E-ticket cables )or one of the other cable makers on Agon that have a return policy. For $26 you have nothing to lose but shipping. These are terrific cables without the voodoo. Not affiliated with the company by the way. Just happy to see and hear a great audio component that gives you great quality at such a low price.

I've had $300 IC's that used exactly the same locking RCA terminations. Look around and you'll see them on many cables. So spending more may not always equate to a better sound. My advice ..try a cable like these and educate yourself before you get too deep in the cable swapping game. You may learn something and have money left over to prove it.

Good luck
Oh, come on. What's $30???
Hey Try cable company)I saw a 1meter pair used for$55.Gertz Micro Pearl gixerman
Well I think I might try the Quadlink 5C, today I got the cardas headphone cable for my sennheiser hd650s and really am amazed on how it sounds. So I think I might like something from cardas...