Cable update question

I have a Marsh pre, Bryston amp. To B and W speakers am running Analysis Plus 12. My interconnects I have had forever and am looking for something more transparent, just want to hear the music. Old interconnects are Audioquest Quartz between amp and pre and Audioquest Ruby elsewhere. Question is will changing to Kimber Kable Hero be a substantial upgrade? Without spending too much. Thanks.
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Try either the Hero or Silver Streak(purchase used). Both are very transparent/open/musical. If you don't like them: you'll be able to sell and recover your money easily. The same goes for when/if you decide to move up the Kimber product line, for more of the same great musicality(which IS the more likely scenario).
a substantial upgrade?

Honestly, I doubt it would be "substantial" unless there was something wrong with your old interconnects...poor oxidized or worn contacts or a loose ground wire or something like that. Are you experiencing issues or degradation? - if you are then Bryston has a ground loop switch on the back that can sometimes help to remove hiss.