Cable TV splitter

I have approximately three splitters in place and wonder if there's a benefit in using a higher quality splitter to reduce the signal loss?

The specifications say that I'm losing 3.5 DB for each split. Which sounds like a lot. I saw one splitter with a loss of 3.0 which seems better.

Anybody have experience with these things and is there a limit on how many splitters I can put on?


Yes, there is a loss with each split. Kind of curious what your end goal is??

At a certain point you will need to stop using passive splitters and switch to an active splitter/amplifier. It makes up for the signal loss by boosting the signal. Since the incoming, original signal is high quality they work a lot better than the TV/FM antenna boosters you might be used to. Those tend to be used when the signal has already degraded.

Of course, if you make the switch, put the amp in as the first device you use.

It totally depends on the freq. ratings and response for each. I have a bag of them from the analog days that aren't up to snuff now. 

Each one loses ~ 3 dB which should be within specs of your equipment.

With digital they pretty much go binary. Either or.