Cable tv induced power hum

I have a Proceed AVP HT processor connecting EAD Powermaster 2000 amp, CD,MSB Link DAC, DVD, VCR, Phono, FM, Subs, & Cable, power connected thru Monster HTS 2000. If I switch Amp direct to wall outlet I have a huge hum. Thru Monster powerconditoner it quites down, but is still present. If I disconnect cable from VCR or TV & it goes away and am left with slight speaker hiss. How can I remove hum from my system? Do I ground cable, and if so how? I have no converter box. I have @home internet connection thru cable. Should I try some technique with sources other than Cable TV lead? Should I get another power conditioner or another type power conditioner to eliminate the hum? Thanks in advance for any assistance you can give. Larry Norton
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Sounds like a ground loop problem. I had a similar one. Audio Advisor sells a Mondial MAGIC cable TV hookup that deals quite well with this problem. Sells for about a $100.
I'll 2nd Flyguy. I had the exact same problem. I installed the Mondial Magic into the system and all unwanted noises stopped. I haven't heard of any other product that fixes this problem. I dropped cable and got a satellite dish. Didn't have to keep the Mondial in the system after installing the dish. Good luck.
I had the same problem once. I fixed a littel cheaper than the other guys. I converted the 75 ohm signal to 300 ohm then back to 75 ohm and the problem went away. You can get such devices at Radio Shack.
I agree with Flyguy and Jaguar. The Mondial MAGIC works, and is the "correct" way of solving a ground loop problem. And, no, I don't work for Mondial - just a fan of intelligent engineering.
I forgot - for info on MAGIC, here is the URL: Good luck!
Agreed, 100% with the "Magic" works as advertised! Mike Classe'SSP-25, JoLida 502A,Pioneer Elite DV-05, Denon analog table w/ Grado signature cartrige, Theil 2 2 mains, Paradigm center, B$W surrounds, NAD amps for center and surrounds.
Hi--Thanks for all your great advice. To followup: 1. I ordered and installed the Madrigal M.A.G.I.C. and it eliminted the power hum. 2. I had the cable company come out and check my groud. Seems as though when the @home cable guys installed my internet cable they didn't re-ground or else changed a ground or a lead or something. The regualar cable guy did something (at least he told my wife he did) to eliminate the hum. 3. Now I am left with a speaker hiss in the system. Just enough to be noticeable at low levels. I'm investigatin power conditioner and balancers and I'm really confused: Bybee Power Conditioners and Quantum line filter; CinePro Power 20, Tice Power Block III, Richard Gray The Power Company, PS Audio. I have a Monster MTS 2000, but it's not doing the full job. What way to go? Any ideas or your experience would be appreciated. Thanks
The cheapest way to eliminate cable tv hum is to add a drain wire to the coax shield. Here's what you do: Remove F-connector from coax. Attach a 18ga. copper wire to the coax shield. Crimp on new F-connector. Attach other end of drain wire directly to your copper cold water pipe. If dedicated earth ground is used add drain wire to a 3 prong ac plugs ground pin and plug directly into wall outlet.