Cable to connect Linn Classik to Dynaudio spkrs?

A friend is purchasing a Linn Classik and a pair of Dynaudio 52 speakers, and is looking for inexpensive but adequate cables. Any suggestions? Budget will be about $100-150.
A pair of Solar Winds might work well (used for about $150-200). I have used them in an all Linn system and they worked very well. Detailed, fast, and involving. Also the Nordost bananas work as BFA (Linn) connectors so that no retermination is needed.

You might have to be a little careful that the system does not get to bright since the Nordost will bring out all defficiencies in a system. If you always wanted to see whether cables make a difference, the Nordost will do that.

I have a Linn Classik-K and Dynaudio 52-SE. Withing your friend budget his best bet is the Linn K-20 and Nordost Z-Plugs. The Z-Plug is a big upgrade from the BFA supplied by Linn. I use KImber Kable 8-TC with Z-Plugs, the sound is great, but out of his budget. Hector
Frank at Signal Cables can make you some cables that will work well within your budget.