Cable to amp for Cj Premier 16


I recently bought a Nirvana Sx interconnect between my source and the Premier 16 LS2. Tried a second pair between between the pre to the amp (CJ MF 2500A) and the result wasn't has good so I didn't buy the second pair. Tried a Kimber 1011, very good result soundstage and bloom wise but a loss of detailing in the highs and softer bass.

Still looking for the good match. Any suggestions ?

Thanks !
I would suggest Kimber Select 1021 - has characteristics of the 1011 but more neutral. After that the sky's the limit...
I have the CJ Pr 17s2 and Marantz Reference amps. I love Synergistic cables with my set up. Of course, nothing is more system dependent than cables.

Good luck
You should try a NIRVANA SL of the same lenght and try it with the source and after with the amp.Nirvana recommand to mix the two level of line model. You should have more synergy that way ...
I think you will love the Audio Horizons Dimension IC fron Joseph Chow on your great CJ preamp. Owned that preamp and the AH is awesome with it. Actually, it is great in any combo I have heard it in. Lots of detail, but also great body, texture and life - like your CJ!
The Premier 16 is a delightful preamp. I had excellent results between it and a pair of Premier 12s as well as a Premier 140 using these cables:

FMS Zero - excellent dimensionality and harmonics
Kimber 1030 - clear, even handed across the frequency range
Shunyata Antares - fast, tight bass, great dynamics, superior all around balance - best of the lot.
It is dangerous to suggest a cable without knowing the full system, but I have successfully used the Shunyata Antares and Transparent Audio cables with an ACT2 and a premier 350.