Cable synergy applicable to digital ICs too?

I don't have much experience with cables, but have done enough reading to learn many people claim synergies when you used the same type of cable for ICs and speaker cables. Nordost claims the same.

I have Purist Audio Museaus analog ICs and speaker cable, and need to buy my first digital (coax) cable. Should I go for a Purist Genesis in pursuit of said synergy, or this doesn't apply to digital and I would be better off looking for more value for the buck?

Thank you!
Synergy is a hit or miss affair, and has little to do with brands... especially in cables.
For componenets, at leaast you know the same brand is compatible, and that they made them to work together.
"Synergy" should be a step beyond simple compatibility.
Where the parts connected somehow work together better than anyone could expect. Like a bonus..
So expecting synergy from just buying some brand is not likely to work out.
Finding stuff with synergy is just lucky.. (though a few folks may be able to work towards it)
Naturally this is just IMO.
Purist's Digital cables are pretty special...not sure why you'd look elsewhere...especially if you like your speaker cables and interconnects...