Cable Synergy

I'm hoping to purchase a Ps Audio power plant. Is a Ps Audio power cord a must, or would Signal Cable be just fine. I love the prices on Frank's products and have been satisfied with them as well. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
You will be happier if you match the Power Plant with the PS Audio Statement power cord. At the current price on the non-SC Statement power cord, you just can't go wrong.
Thanks much!
The xstream statement is an okay cable for before the power plant, but I'd look into something smaller in gauge with more resolution for connecting your components to the power plant. Keep in mind that 6 gauge is way beyond the internal capacity of any of the power plants, so it's mostly wasted capacity getting in the way of your musical dynamics.
As always, IMO. Your mileage may vary.
I have signal cable digital cables that will go from my cal audio alpha and delta tot he PP.. I currently have a hospital grade no name power cord going from my pre-amp to the power strip I can't wait to ditch. my Aragon will remain plugged directly into the wall (signal cable power cord)to the dedicated 20 amp line Pre amp will also go into the PP. Mark
i have older PS Audio pcs and one newer one and i recommend getting the newer ones with the softer jacket. They are easier to route and look nicer as well. Just my opinion.
i own a ps audio p300. i have tried many line cords and settled on the original lab cord. yes it is heavy, about 4 or 6 gauge, but i like its performance.
Thanks all. Mrtennis, I have a chance to get a labII, what do you think? Zar.
zar, i would wait for the lab.
mrtennis, so happens there are two lab's for sale at 375.00 total for both. In this scnario I guess I would hook the power amp and Power Plant up with the Labs into the dedicated 20 amp line I would then use my Signal Cable power cord for the pre -amp to Power plant connection. What do you think? Thanks, Mark
Zar, how powerful is your amp? Unless it's 500wpc or more, and your speakers are very inefficient, I can't recommend the lab for it. While these mega-gauge pc's do help mitigate the damage done by powerline filters; they really do unbalance the natural dynamic relationships of the music when used 'straight to the wall'. They can sound quite alluring in your typical high-end system, which tends to be quite forward in the upper-bass and mids, but once you've sacrificed organic dynamics, there's no retrieving them.
Power cables are the first 'link in the chain', so any damage done there is very hard to correct.
If it were I, I'd look at pc's no heavier than 10 gauge for your amp, and maybe closer to 11-12 gauge if it's under 200 wpc.
Of course and as always; IMO.
hi zar, i tried the lab cord with an amplifier. i did not notice any loss in dynamics.

if you don't buy those lab cords, depending upon the length, i might buy them myself.
I should be clear that when I talk about natural, organic dynamic relationships with power cables, I'm referring to musical dynamics; both macro and micro, although I really don't much care for those terms. You certainly don't lose 'macro' dynamics when using a mega-gauge pc, but you do (in my experience) lose the natural sounding link between musical fundamentals and harmonics.
Although it's not a perfect analogy, the change in sound reminds me of an old analog 70's 'Dynamic Range Expander'. By pushing the obvious dynamics to the front, and relegating the smaller dynamics to the back, it made for a 'weird' musical presentation.
The reason I say this often sounds alluring in a typical high-end system, is because this dynamic 'expansion' if you will, mimics an increase in bass and treble by pushing the 'punchier' bass and percussion to the fore. This tends to offset the midrange emphasis that most high-end systems are designed with (to bring out 'detail').
That's my speech, now feel free to completely ignore me, everyone else does. :)
Power Cables that works best IMS using the Power
Plant,DCCA cables,Costum Power Cord,model 11.And
the Van Den Hul pc.
Thanks for the tip. I have a 200wpc Aragon dual mono 8008bb.
Thanks all, still contemplating.