Cable suggestions requested

The system is Levinson 333 amp, 38S pre, Canary CD200 C/D player, Thiel CS6 speakers. I auditioned the Transparent ultra balanced IC, WOW! Big improvement over the Siltech pure silver I was using earlier. Speaker cables being auditioned are Transparent musicwave plus.
Before I buy these cables, I was looking for suggestions on cables that would be the best fit for my system. I listen to classical, jazz, folk. Also, does it make sense to have all cables from the same manufacturer? Do both pairs of interconnects(CD to pre, and pre to amp) have to be the same brand and grade? Should I also spring for the ultra speaker cables? Are balanced interconnects much better than RCA?
I would suggest you try some of the new MIT MA cables before you make your purchase. Generally, it's better to keep at least the ICs consistent in type but I'm sure many mix and match.
YOu don't have to spend giga money to get great sound. Clear Day (advertises here) solid core silver shotgun speaker cables compare to exotic cables at a fraction of the price. 2 "sanely" priced interconnects - DH Labs revelation Audio and PS Audio Silver Transcendent. I use both. The PS is a bit warmer so I use it on my source.

XLR is best WHEN the circuits are diffrentially balanced
Don't be misled by people telling you they have the next best thing for less...Transparent and MIT are the only cables for hard core "MUSIC" lovers! I have owned tons of gear including alot of levinson stuff...they love Transparent cable. Keep IC's the same....speaker cable could be Transparent or MIT...MIT IC's have selectable impedance matching for optimal results with any gear. My dealer has GREAT prices FYI.
I suggest that you audition MIT MA cables throughout your system, I am pretty sure your search will be over.There is no way to know if xlr or rca will perform best in your system, the only way is to try each and see which you prefer, it does not matter if the electronics are true differentially balanced or not, there are other variables in play and you must compare each type and decide which you prefer.
I've got to agree with the others and MIT. I use 350 reference and 350 EVO IC's and 750SG and have used many other models of MIT. I also have tried and OWN tons of cables.....stay tuned for a fire sale. There just isn't a cable I have tried that comes close. They aren't perfect but every cable comes with some tradeoff. Maybe a little more delicacy with acoustic guitar would be nice, but midrange presence, imaging, depth and organic textures are unbeatable IMHO. They also put me in 3rd row center versus middle of the venue which I like. I also own Thiel 3.6 and the 750 SG is killer for the money.....and you can't often say that about MIT!!!
Unfortunately I have to agree with dave_b. People will often say buy this or that brand and get equivalent sound quality for a fraction of the cost of well-known expensive brands. IME, you get what you pay for. I recently upgraded to Cardas Golden Reference. The difference was palpable across the spectrum (at 6 times the cost of the old cables).
After many different cables/gear combinations, Stealth is by far the most natural with all the music coming through with correct timbre balance and weight.

Will it work, audition and lt your ears tell you.