Cable suggestions? Opinions needed...

I'm looking for ICs and speaker cable for my first good system... I know next to nothing about this! I have Green Mountain Audio 1.5 speakers & a Rogue Tempest Magnum integrated. I assume neutral cables would be best, no? I was thinking about DH Labs & Zu (maybe Zu Julian spk cables & DH Labs BL-1 Mk 2 ics). I'd appreciate any input I can get. TIA.

Also, any opinions on DH Labs D-75 digital cable?
Please check Bogdan cables (ICs and speaker)discussions on this forum as well as The Bogdans are Silver and posses all the positives of using Silver but does not have the associated harshness as other Silver users complain about. Also, if you have a little bit bigger of a budget, the Empirical Audio Holophonic is worth auditioning, one of the best ICs around, bar none. The two cable manufacturers mentioned provides exceptional product, customer support, and value that meets or exceeds their reputation and your expectations. IMO these are two of the best "giant killers" around, at any price. inform, not to convince....
I second the Bogdans. It is really comparable to my reference: Acoustic Zen Rev II Matrix but at 1/5 of the price.
If after you add up your alotment for cable and it comes up over $700 look into 47Labs OTA cable.I want to try the Bogdans also.
Take a look at the Alpha-Core Goertz speaker cables. Another that I would check out is Audio Consulting cables at Reference Audio Mods
Canare StarQuad S8 and S11. The recording pros love it, and only a buck a foot. From there I go to Blue Heaven for a brighter top octave.
May I suggest Jaden IC's and speaker cables made by Rosinante ( The cable designer is Ric Cummins, the same fellow who introduced the Room Lens, Dark Matter shelf, and Dulcinea speakers. The Jaden is pure silver and offers superb tonal balance, great detail, sophistication, smoothness, and dynamics.

I've heard many cables that were much more expensive (Nordost Quattro Fil, Silver Audio, Acoustic Zen, Coincident, Transparent, Tara Labs, Siltect, and so forth), but none had the tonal balance and detail as the Jadens. The good news, the Jadens are reasonably priced, less than the other cables that I've mentioned.

I personally know high end audiophiles who use Ric's Jaden cables, and they are quite happy. These cables are not widely advertised, but that doesn't mean they are not good. If you check Stereo Times, you will see a very favorable review by Clement Perry of the Rosinante speakers with Joe Fratus's Art Audio amp, that might give you an indication about the designer's quality products.

I suggest Audio Magic Sorcerer current-production products, or higher on up their line. Are they the best? Who knows? But they are indeed extraordinary in their resolution, grace and silence.
Roy Johnson
Green Mountain Audio
I just added ZU Wax speaker cables (bought used from an Audiogon seller) and think they are the best $400 I have ever spent on my system. I have heard that the Julian is comparable. I highly recommend this cable brand. Absolutely buy used though. You will pay one-quarter the price of new.
If you are still looking around for cable auditions, I suggest trying Signal Cables. I bi-wired my Soliloquy 5.3's, and the Signals were FAR better than the Zu Wax cables I tried. Everything came to the front, much wider soundstage, more detailed (the drums now sound like drums, not thuddy), and I find I am listening to songs I was previously skipping over.
Jena labs have been the best cables in my system by far. I was using HMS which were very fast detailed but didn't have the rich dynamic unveiling characteristics of the Jena Labs( Symphony's).
I have nothing bad to say about all of you who decide to spend,
I'm assuming, your hard earned money on rediculously overpriced
cable. If you only knew what you are really paying for I don't think
you'd go that route, but it's your money. I've been at this hobby for over 30 years and I work part time at a HI-FI store and I get to take
home a lot of equipment including cables. In my opinion THE
BEST KEPT SECRET in unbalanced interconnects are from
Mogami. Nothing special to look at, no garden hose insulation or
super heavy duty clamp on RCA's, pa-leez. And you won't believe
the price, next to nothing. I believe once you discover these cables
you'll be amazed at how they sound and how much money you'll
have left to spend on say, OVERPRICED CD's. It doesn't matter if
your system is mid-fi or hi-end if you can find them give em a try.
And if you can't I know where you can.
Same is obviously said by hundreds of pro recording engineers for the Canare Star-Quad microphone cable as interconnects, as well their speaker cables. Both the Canare and Mogami are great bargains.