Cable Suggestions Needed

I'm looking to upgrade my interconnects from my digital source to my preamp. I am currently using a variety of Kimber Hero/Harmonic Technologies Truthlink/Discovery Plus 4. I'm considering Kimber Select 1010, Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference,or Harmonic Technologies Magic Link. If anyone has had any experience with these cables or has any other suggestions-I would greatly appreciate it. Other associated gear- Martin Logan Ascents/Pass Labs X-250/Harmonic Tech Pro Silway 3 between preamp and amp/Audioquest Mammoth Speaker Cable. Thanks in advance for any responses.
A while back, probably a year or so ago, I replaced some Straightwire Crescendo's with some interconnects made by a company out of New Jersey called Virtual Image, their Pile Driver 18. I had their interconnects in for just a couple of days, not even fully burned-in, and IMO they had already surpassed the Crescendo's in performance. Virtual Image offers a 30 day money back trial period on all of their standard cables, which for IC's is a 4 foot pair terminated with Cardas RCA's. Their price for a standard pair is $175 + shipping. If you are interested, you can contact Al, owner of Virtual Image, via e-mail at

BTW, they also make some awesome power cables.
Add Micheal Wolff's Empress IC to your short list of cables to check out. Micheal offers a trial period as well.

Good Luck.....