Cable Suggestions for the Sonus Faber Concertino

I want to audition several different cables for the SF Concertino in the mid-price range. Would appreciate suggestions. Want to maintain their warmth and clarity. Thank you for your input.
Hi Fullrun. I used to own these speakers as well and had good results running them with Analysis Plus Oval speaker cables, both single run or biwired. The AP9s allowed the Concertinos to play full, and rich. With ICs and SCs your results will depend on the rest of your components and their sonic characteristics. Good luck.
Forgot to include above that the SF Concertino are being driven by a YBA Integre DT (Integrated Amp). Hope this helps in refining your suggestions. Thanks again.
I am using AQ Anaconda and Caldera with my Concertino's and it is very nice. Neutrality with good dynamics and a vast soundstage. Good luck!


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I use Analysis AP 12's on these with equal sucess using the Plinius integrated amp.