cable suggestions for new system

ok,it took me close to forever to save my pennnies, infinite patience scouring the classifieds and finally I've put together my first 'audiophile' quality system: Simaudio Moon I5, Rega Jupiter2000, Joseph Audio RM7si signatures.To start with I bought monster (no smirks please!) to tide me over until I get a good feel for my new system. Eventually I'll want to experiment with cables/ICs; suggestions, comments...!
I would suggest that you view your cable and interconnects as tweeks, using them to get the change the components sound to fit your own needs. I don't know what kind of Monster you bought but it ain't so bad that you have to appoligize for it. I found that you get the biggest bang for your buck, sound wise, from speaker cable and that is where i would start. I have never heard as large a difference between 1 meter lengths of interconnect (long lengths of interconnect - big difference). Its like any trip, know where you want to go before you start.
In contrast to the above response, I feel you get a lot of difference between different IC's or speaker wire.

It would be helpful if you mention what you like and dislike about the sound right now and what you are trying to achieve.

Kimber makes some good economy wire and I use and recommend Acoustic Zen myself.

have fun

I agree with Philjolet.

In time past, most cables sounded quite similar in my system. Sure there were micro-dynamic differences, but they were just that. Micro. Some of those differences may not even have been improvements. They were just different.

Recently demo'ed and purchased some new cables on a hunch and I discovered there certainly can be magic found in cabling changes.

But I still think it's like looking for that needle in a haystack.

I'm starting to think there's only a handful of cables out there that are clearly superior and for the most part the rest fall into the so-so to good category. (Keeping in mind I've only demo'ed or purchased about 15 to 18 different cables)

Check out Mapleshade cables. They're sold direct, with a 30-day moneyback. I'm using their ICs, speaker cables, and PCs after replacing much more epensive Kimber and Audioquest wires (sold them for more than the Mapleshades cost). Just a suggestion.
Gentleman, thanks for your input. The actual IC is Monster 400mkii, the seaker cable is non descript. It came prepackaged as 10 foot lengths, with clear covering and is multistrand which appears to be about 9 AWG equivalent. Not sure what the actual terminations are called but they are gold plated and angled. They fit the WBT posts of the amp (not the bannana connection but the 'hole' exposed when unscrewed). It's been suggested that Kimber 8TC would be a good choice.
I would like to add Analysis Plus to your list of cable selections. Finally, to me anyway, a cable in which I can call it quits. I am finally DONE with cables for my system!
If you are not looking to spend a lot, you can get good results with Nitro's or Bogdan - see the interconnects on the home page

If you want to expose all of the music and make it a religious experience, then Acoustic Zen or Empirical Audio, but this is more expensive - you get what you pay for in this list
Since(I assume)its impossible to audition more than a few brands of cable and the "sound" of any cable is system dependent, why not talk with the manufacturers of your equipment? Since they demo their equipment at audio shows, they, better than most, should know what cables best match their equipment. Unless you receive a recommendation from someone who has the same equipment (and listening preferences) as your system, any advise from other Audiogon members is, at best, only a reflection of their preferences (for good or bad!).
I forgot to mention Alpha Core MI2 Veracity speaker wire. I have tried MI2 and Kimber 8TC wire on my system and think the MI2 is the clear winner. The Kimber Hero IC has gotton much recognition in the magazines and here at Agon and is what I was thinking of when I mentioned Kimber.
If you are into Silver for minimal cost Bogden is getting good reviews from users at AA and are sold here in the classifieds.I plan on getting a set soon.
Anything silver for sources (AZ, Analysis Plus, Kimber); Copper for analog. Speakers: I like AP; but I'm thinking a lot about AZ Satori with some Mapleshades jumpers. BTW, congrats on your sys; sounds very hipological!!!! Regards!