Cable suggestions for new system?

I have, with the help of a number of very generous audiogoners, finally arrived at a system I like: Creek Classic 5350 SE Integrated, Rotel 1072 CD Player, and B&W 703 speakers. Currently I have inexpensive Transparent speaker cables and interconnects, and as I've heard others describe these as "cloudy", I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions re: what might work better toward achieving an overall balance of warmth and detail.
I would suggest a good starting point would be to visit the website at Ridge street audio and check out the Poiema line. Very popular,very reliable,very very good, and if you can't afford new,by all means by used Poiema. Many have and feel ( as I do ) they are one of the best bargains around.
Warmth and detail...Purist Audio Venustas ICs and speaker cables. They pop up used on a regular basis. You won't look back. And, if you decide they aren't for you, then re-sell them for what you paid. They are in constant demand for good reason.
Hi StuartK,

I've briefly read through some of your other threads and it's apparent you are seeking more warmth for your system. If you're considering cables as a solution, you might want to consider Cardas which is warm and yet detailed.

From the components that you've listed, your setup will likely be on the bright side with all that British equipment. If cables do not eradicate your problem, the next thing I would look at is both amp and source. I am quite familiar with B&W speakers and they would sound great with the right equipment.

Good luck.
Ryder: actually, to my very treble-sensitive ears the Creek amp is not bright at all, in combination with the Rotel. With these components, I wouldn't want to use a less detailed speaker than the B&W's.
Thorman and Tvad: I will look into your cable suggestions. Thanks!
Stuartk, they are both very good. The Cardas Golden Cross is the warmest cable in the Cardas line, and it is warmer than the Venustas but at the expense of some air and extension, IMO. The Cable Company usually has both the Cardas Golden Cross and Purist Audio Venustas in their cable lending library.
I also like the RSAD cables. They are well constructed and provide a nice transparent and smooth presentation. Lately, I have also been enjoying the Oritek X-1 and X-2 cables. The X-1s are an excellent value for the price.
Tvad: "cable lending library"? Never heard of that-- just another example of why audiogon is so valuable. Thanks, Tvad! Does anyone have experience with the low-cost Cobalt cables???????