Cable suggestions

I was looking for some options for my system. I have a Marantz 4120 amp, NAD 541 cd player, and a set of B&W 602 s2 speakers. I am looking for suggestions for interconnects and speaker cables. I was also thinking about biwiring the speakers (depending on the cost). I am on a budget. 50 or so for the speaker cables and 25 or so for the interconnects. Any suggestions? Thanks!
pmcmanis 50 and 25 what? unless you're talkin' about troy ounces of gold, best keep what you've got. -kelly
sound like monster cable is your only choice.
Find some used Audioquest for the speakers. You should be able to find some Green, Type 4, or maybe some Type 6 at that price for short lengths. I have no idea other than Monster for ICs at that price. Whatever you end up with, give it time to break in before forming an opinion.

Good luck.

The only cable I can think of in that price range, other than Monster Cable, is the AudioQuest Sidewinder for $24.95 a 0.5 m. By increasing your price range to $100 you greatly expand the options available. You could try Home Grown Audio Super Silver ($79.95), Mapleshade Clearview ($69.00), Kimber PBJ ($84.00), and AudioQuest Cooperhead ($49.95) and Diamondback ($89.95). If you shop around you can probably find more expensive cables from these same manufacturers used. Another suggestion is to contact The Cable Company ( and give them your price range and associated equipment. They are very helpful and can probably find something for you.
Yes you can do it for $50 New (not used), which is fine for the level of your system.... Speakers: Wireworld Luna III $50 for 10Ft. (3Meter) w/spades; Audioquest Type 2+ also $50 for 10Ft & Spades; MIT Terminator 5 $45 for 10Ft with gold posts (little more for spades).... You can go shorter to 6 or 8 feet on most of these and save +/- $10; get a second pair to bi-wire.

Interconnects: Straightwire Chorus $35 (0.6 meter); Straightwire Harmony, $25 for 1 Meter, $18 for 0.6 Meter; MIT Terminator 4, $36 for 1 Meter; MIT Terminator 5, $24 for 1 Meter....Happy Listening. In that range the SW Chorus would be my first choice.

Purchase an entry level set of synergistic research cables. I own a pair of nautilus 802s and have found them to be the most compatable.They will be a bit more than you bugeted however,I beleive you will find them well worth the investment.
Everything I recommended is available online at Http:// at the prices quoted. Good Luck
Bravo Sugerbrie, bravo. I guess I didn't look hard enough :)
Cruise on over to Audio Asylum and check threads in DIY/Tweaks Asylum of CAT 5 speaker cable and interconnects. Parts are at Home Depot and Radio Shack.
Thanks for all the great advice everyone! I really appreciate it.

P. McManis