Cable Suggestions

I have built my system slowly over time and now need to replace interconnect and speaker cable. My cable is 10 to 13 year old Cardas "golden" (Cardas top of the line at that time). There are so many cables now that I would appreciate perhaps 3 suggestions to narrow my auditioning. I have mixed musical tastes from rock (U2, Stones) to female vocals (Ricki Lee Jones) and a fair amount of jazz (coltrane, Miles). My current system is Cary 303/300 to CAT SL1 to VTL 450's to Martin Logan Sequel II's (can't get rid of these classics yet). For ic I need 1M from cd to pre and 2M from pre to amps. I need 1.5M for the speaker cable. My budget is about $3000 max for these cables. I would like to start with the ic ($1750), then work on the speaker cable ($1250). I have heard about wireworld, xlo, au, synergistics research and numerous others. Thanks very much for a few suggestions.
I also have upgraded from Cardas, still use some Golden Cross. Add Pure Note to your short list. The Paragon has very high resolution yet is smooth for a silver cable and the price is right.
I use Sonoran Plateau IC's, Speaker cables, and Power cords and really like them. You can audition them by going to and then calling them at the toll free number listed. They're in your price range and IMO really, really good.

Lots of good choices out their but one you may not think of or hear about for IC's, I would investigate Oritek...either their X-1 or better yet their X-2.
I've used/tried lots of cable and this is great stuff at a very fair price.
I like Purist Opus, Ensemble Megaflux, Nirvana sx ltd, Cerious, Goertz ag-2, Oritek, Harmonix...and others for speaker cable.
Hi Msomerst,

I have an APL/Denon 3910, Ayre K1x, Gamut 200 MKII, and Martin Logan reQuests (with modified crossovers).

For interconnects I have had Signal Cable copper and Signal Cable Silver Resolution, Harmonic Technology Magic Link One, and Purist Audio Venustas. The Venustas are definetly the best of this bunch.

For bi-wired speaker wires I have used Signal Cable copper, Purist Audio Musaeus, and PS Audio X-Stream. The PS Audio is the best of this bunch.

You can usually get good deals on used Purist Audio cables here. Otherwise, watch for dealer specials also here.

Good luck, and please let us know what you settle on and how the are working.

Save yourself some money and get audio metallurgy GA-0 interconnects. They're available on audiogon auction and go for anywhere between $250-- $350. They blow away cardas golden reference, harmonic tech magic one's and are a little better than synergistic research resolution reference. If you don't believe try them they have a 30 day money back gaurantee.
First choice: which also has dealer representation via Clearsound, the Reimer loudspeaker source here on Audiogon. Really exalted performance, worth an audition if you are seeking to optimize your signal transfer and enjoy more of what is in your great system. Moderate cost is icing on the cake.
Second choice: Auricle Audio Design which is sporadically available on Audiogon auction and surely deserves the high end without high cost award, if such a prize is ever given. Among other attributes, dazzling transparency. No sound can hide if it's in the audio mix.
What's wrong with your Cardas Cables???
Acoustic Zen could also be added to your list. Silver Reference MkII interconnects with Hologram sp cable. Could all be had here on a-gon for much less than you want to spend and be tough to beat even by things costing a lot more $. Best of luck.
hello, Try Anti-cables, then you know what you have been missing from your records, sorry if you tried and did not like them !
I went through Cardas Golden Cross, Signal Cable, Transparent, and ended up with Synergistic Research. You can try the stuff at a reasonable cost from Every system is different. Think about trying some stuff before buying.
Try to audition AU24. You may wind up saving yourself some money at used prices.
I have always been a cable believer,but recently I made some changes in the placement of my system.I used to have 1 metre lengths of Cardas golden Hex 5 from my mono block amps to my speakers and 1 metre lengths of Shunyata Aries inter connects from pre to power amps, the gear between the speakers.I moved my speakers to a different room location and required longer lengths of speaker wire.I had some old Monster cable cx2 from my surround system and gave them a try.The length of the new speaker wire is now over 20' a side.Should have heard a degradation in sound quality, but instead I now have better definition,soundstaging, and enjoyment, with not quite as good bass reproduction.I still plan on upgrading to better speaker cable in the future, but for now going to this inferior cable at 20 foot runs bettered the old set up. Live and learn.BTW I have Classe DR 8 power amps and ML CLS11Z speakers in a quite large room.