Cable suggestion for CJ preamp. Help please .

I am getting the Premier 17 ls 2 very soon. The unit has a very high output impedance and this suggests I be careful in cable choice . My understanding is that high capacitance cables are detrimental to the sound of the unit. I presently have Xindak gold and cannot find info on whether they are high or low capacitance cables. Also please feel free to share suggestions on what I should be looking for to optimize the synergy in my system. The rest of the system is Nearfield Pipedream 21 s , Cary cad 211 anniversary monos, Denon 3910 APL modded player. Cost is not a main issue. Feel free to reccomend any price range. Thanks for any help
Lower capacitance in interconnects is always desirable, and most decent cables that are not coaxial have reasonably low capacitance. Achieving really low capacitance is a challenge however.

Some special constructions do aim for very low capacitance, like the DIY method Chris VenHaus published. Connectors vary in capacitance too.

If you wanted the capacitance to be as low as possible I'd be looking at Keith Eichmann's Bullet Plugs and fine gauge silver parallel-braided around a Teflon or cotton core. The architecture of this design (Chris VH) does produce very low capacitance.

I auditioned cables for more than three months from

I ended up trying and buying the the Sonoran Platueau cables. Tom or Robert can help you at their website I have been using their Sonoran Plateau interconnects, digital, speaker and power cords for almost a year and a half now.

Since I have an insane stereophile addiction, I've been through three equipment upgrades (including a C-J DAC) during the last year and a half, and these cables seem to be completely unaffected.

In fact, the cables, Audiopoints and their Sistrum stand are completely out of mind when I think about my next upgrade. I'm that content with them, and I went through auditioning interconnects up to $1500.00 a pair.

I believe it's in the shielding, because you can even lay the cables on top of each other and it doesn't matter. They're about $500.00 a pair, and I believe that they're so much better than the Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II and Magnan Type Vi interconnects, Audioquest Sterling speaker wire, Kimber D-60 digital and Synergistic Research power cords I replaced it isn't funny.

Go to the website, I believe that you may audition them and then decide whether or not to buy. Good luck! Chuck
Just trust your ears. Generally what you say is true, but tests done by some audio magazines were all over the map. Two cables would test out the same, but one would sound better. Or sometimes a cable that would test poorly would sound good, whether high/low this or that...

The one CJ dealer I am familiar with (Spearit Sound) sells a lot of Siltech cables. Talk with them.
Thanks for the 3 that stopped to help.
Doesn't your APL 3910 have volume control?