Cable Suggestion

People have been disparaging Monster interconnect cable and as any stand-up anal retentive will tell you - it's time to obsess. I use 'em going from my Cambridge 540p ph pre & NAD CDP to a tubed CJ preamp. (I will probably replace the Cambridge 540p with the Channel Islands VPP-1.)

Posts have clainmed that bass is wooly and midrange is mushy with the Monster cables. What is a good replacement for these sorry excuses for cables? ;-)
The MAS silver or copper ($60/990 or the Mapleshade ICs (audition to determine whether there will be a hum problem). Have heard good results with Straightwire Encore I/II.Happy auditioning.
monster makes some decent cables for the price, don't let anyone tell you how a cable is going to sound, listed for yourself, and if it sounds good to you, then thats all that matters, i would definately recommend auditioning any other cables in your system before buying them, because i think you'll find, that there is not a lot of sonic difference.