Cable Snake Oil Antidote

Some might find this Cable Snake Oil Antidote interesting with respect to LRC, the signal and the system.

Cables affect the sound and the effect is system dependent.

Another's opinion on a cable in a vastly different system may not be valid.
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I don’t get it. He calls them the 10 Biggest Lies in Audio but they’re ALL actually TRUE. Is he pulling our leg? Was Peter Aczel a troll?

The more things change the more they stay the same. - old audiophile axiom

In fact, Peter was right all ten times. Guess who is the troll.
In fact, Peter was right all ten times.
Aczel proclaimed that science was on his side but like many measurementalists, he expected the reader to accept his arguments on faith, rather than by considering any actual data or studies. His goal was to sell magazines and this was his style. That is all.
Do you have data to falsify his conclusions?