Cable Sleeving for cable bundles?

I am looking for sleeving for my bundles of cables along the wall.

Does any company make a sleeving like what we use on our cables, but has velcro down the middle of it so it would come right off if needed?

I am only used to the 1" diameter velcro cable ties for bundles, but I'd rather much "hide" all of the cable under it continuously.

I use something just like you are speaking of. It was a sample we got in the engineering department, but if I remember Newark or one of the other large electrical houses carry these. It was a nylon mesh with velcro--it worked great--I had the exact same issue.

not exactly what you mentioned, but some snap plastic trays i use for speaker cables along the wall.
I advise against bundling cables together. It may look nice, but you can degrade your sound quality that way. The cables may interact with each other's magnetic fields, if they are not shielded, and possibly even if they are. And under no circumstance should power cords be run anywhere near the IC's or speaker cables.
I agree w/Twl, but if you really want it, I ran across this the other day: