Cable short-repair?

I have a set of silver pro-silway xlr's. One cable became "loose" at the amp end and is shorting out. Is it possible to have the end repaired or are they now fodder for the archives?
It is probably just a matter of having the connections resoldered. If the connection is severely damaged, you may have to cut the cable back slightly and do a completely fresh termination. Either way, i don't see it being a big deal what-so-ever. Sean
You MUST either repair or replace these cables. This shorting can be a result of extra-loud clicking sounds from your amp to your speakers and might blow the driver(s).
Yes it is easily repairable. XLR interconnects identically connected on both ends. You can unscrew the cover and see how they're terminated. Excactly the same thing you should excersise with your soldering iron to fix or re-terminate. Do no worry if one cable will be shorter than another by a few quarters.
will do, thanks,