Cable settle in time?

When cables are new they need burn in time of course. When an ac cable has been removed from the wall and then plugged back in it needs settle in time which could take from an hour up to about a day. My question is that if a component is turned off for a period of time and then turned back on, does the cable require settle in time? I realize the component would require to warm up but I'm curious about the ac cable.Some of my components have a stadby mode which would keep the cord working but some components turn dead off. Thanks
Stay also tuned for spiritual cable and wire enhancements that will soon be needed to apply before connection.
They do settle in time, but as the saying goes, a leopard doesn't change it's spots. If you don't wish to leave your system on, playing a CD in repeat mode (there are some CD's which include a section for system breakin) for 30 minutes or so while you're doing something else before you begin serious listening will help all cables.
cables do not need to be 'warmed up'. If every electrical parameter of the cable changed 10% after warming up, it's doubtfull you could hear a difference. To exemplify that, changing the cable length 10% would changed all the electrical parameters by 10%.

More effective would be to spend this warm up time cleaning your connections or cds or your room!

I now believe that as long as the ac cables have some current going through them that they do not need to settle. Once the initial burn in is done and the cables are settled, they would only require settle in time if unplugged from the wall or conditioner. As long as there is a current going through them they remain settled. Interestingly enough, with my P500 power plant, if I change the frequency setting the cables do take time to settle and my system will sound normal after an hour or two.I don't know if settle time would be required if my components were turned off completely as they seem to have either a standby or something on keeping some current going through the cables.