Cable septic

Okay, I’ve spent a fair amount on my dream system. Voxativ 9.87 system, very efficient speakers, Vocation 211 integrated, ps audio Directstream DAC and power station, etc. I’m using pretty basic cables, mostly what came with my equipment.  I still remember a magazine article where they AB tested high end cables neatly separated vs a mess of cheap crap.   The result, nobody heard a difference. So, flash forward, what cables will make a difference?  Brand and which component in order of benefit. Thank you!
^^^ Some can hear cable differences. Some cannot.

Some people have perfect pitch. Some have relative pitch. Some are tone deaf.

Far too many listeners are able to reliably detect [80%+] differences in ABX blind tests for there to be no difference.

If one does the math, there are calculable differences. For there to be no difference would mean there could also be no difference between anything electronic. For no one to detect differences requires all hearing be identical.

Price is no arbiter. Materials, geometry and connected components determine sonic difference potential. See ieLogical CableSnakeOil. Please illuminate any errors.

For anyone who can't hear a difference with cables, this is not the hobby for you but, an endpoint. Try stamp collecting.

All the best,
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