cable selection, Analysis, MIT, Red Rose

I could use some suggestions as to which speaker cable to purchase. I am running Rotel's 200 watt SS amp into a pr of AudioPhysic Tempo 2's. Have Audio Research LS7 Tube preamp. Am considering Red Rose 336, MIT Terminator2's, and Oval 9's. I've heard the Oval 9's on my speakers , but different electronics--they sounded great, but that could also be due to the $6,000 tube amp they were hooked up to.
If anyone has any input I'd appreciate it, am looking to buy used so it will be difficult to try before I buy.
Go check out under the cable forum. Alot of info there. I currently have the A+ Oval 9 and find them better than the pair of JPS Superconductor+ I purchased.
Oval 9's are excellent cables irregardless of price. I have audio physics virgos and am using some oval 9's. Another great cable I've used with audio physic is the $1100 nordost red dawn. I could not a/b them, but they were both flat out superb. I've tried 3-4 cables that were not. I have some nordost spm's coming in in two weeks. I'll post the comparison of oval 9 to spm. We shall see how good they 'really' are. Either way, the oval 9's are world class, and no, I don't sell them.
My experience with speaker cables is usually whatever works best with a tube amp may not work so good with a solid state amp and vice versa. MIT is a good example of a cable that will sound great on solid state but dull and lifeless on some tube amps. Likewise, I currently use XLO speaker cables on my tube amps but once I tried them on a class A solid state amp and it sounded awful. Also, buying used w/o auditioning is very risky.
Serrendippity! I just traded email with Allen @ Immedia (the AP importer here in the US) and he suggested I check out the
Oval 9 and the Di Marzio Mpath for the TempoIIIs I bought from him.

I'm using a Classe CAV150 to drive them and have tried a pair
of Kimber 8tc which sounded very controlled and detailed in my admittedly bright room.

Any other experiences or suggestions are welcome.

I agree that Analysis Plus Oval 9 is great cable, and by the way, try getting two lengths for shotgun biwire. un-frigging-believable.

QUESTION: have any of you tried the interconnect, either the copper or silver/copper hybrid?