Cable selection:47 Lab OTA, Zu Cable, Cardas et al

I am in the process of choosing a new cable outfit for my audio system. I would like to post those that I am considering and I hope to have the input of the users of to choose the best possible match for the system and my needs. I am open to comments and alternate suggestions. Additionally I have included the approximate cable lengths required to give a sense of the cost/ length ratio that should be maintained when suggesting alternate cables. After reading the Jeff review of the 47 Laboratory OTA cable kit, I am very interested in this kit and its design philosophy. I prefer to use a single type/ brand of cable throughout the entire system--hence my consideration of the OTA cable kit. I have always trusted the products of Zu Cable. Cardas and Stealth Audio can hardly be ignored. What are your thoughts and suggestions?

System details:
Source: ExemplarAudio Denon DVD-3910S
Integrated Receiver: Arcam AVR300
Loud Speakers: Anthony Gallo Acoustics Reference 3/AV, Reference Center Channel, A'Diva Ti, TR2 250w Sub
Display: Panasonic 50PHD8UK
Powerline conditioning: BPT BP-3.5+ Signature Plus
Room size: 20' w x 15' d x 10' h with open adjoining living room. High reflectivity.

Below are the cables pairings/ products that I am considering.

*Zu Cable: Libtec (2.0m), Gauge (10m), Ash (1.5m), Disco (3.5m), Megular (2.0m)
*47 Labratory OTA Cable Kit
*Cardas Audio: Quadlink-Five C Speaker (2.0m), Crosslink Speaker (10m), Lightening 15 (1.5m), Precision Video (2.0m)
Searching for the “best possible match for the system and my needs” is a familiar process. After a while, my observations of the best of anything were more accurately labelled as “ideal” for my needs. Which also means, something superior doesn’t necessarily equate to better. My experience with OTA has this type of distinction. A single brand/type cable that can outfit the whole system. Simplicity and flexibility adhering to the minimalistic concept of less is more. Custom lengths are a snip away. And, they are about as unobtrusive as they come. I experimented with other cables, then I became a “set it and forget it” type of user with OTA interconnects, phono, digital and speaker cable. One caveat, I haven’t tried this cable within a combined audio and video system.

Design = a plan that exists behind an action. I like your moniker. Good luck.