Cable retermination, XLR

After moving my system around, I will wind up with a set of 13m Straightwire Virtuoso XLR cables.  I can use these elsewhere in the system but need them reterminated to different lengths.  I have not called Straightwire to see if they can do it (I am sure they can for a fee...).  Any suggestions on where to go to get them reterminated?

These will be for connection of a pair Krell EVO 600 monos to a DCS Puccini player/processor I am using as a preamp so they probably are at the low end of the scale for this purpose, but i can use them and if I get the upgrade bug later on can upgrade to something else.  Rest of the system is Stealth (interconnects and power), so I'll keep looking.


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Unless you live near a good brick and mortar dealer, I would just send the cables back to Straightwire. Either way, you will have to pay, so why quibble?
As far as upgrading XLR's, if your equipment supports AES 48, then it should make little difference between cables.
This may sound odd but look for a guitar store with a technical department. Needed a fix to my HT Magic-1 (I bumped it and cracked a solder joint) and found guitar store who fixed it for $20.
Patrick Cullen at Cullen Cable
Thanks for the info, I called straightwire and they’ll cut to length and  reterminate so problem solved...