Cable recs for McIntosh/Vandersteen system

I am about to get (new):

McIntosh MC207
McIntosh MX1996
McIntosh MVP861

To use with:

Vandersteens in front and center channels, Klipsch in rear.

I probably use it for two-channel audio 60 percent of the time and for multi-channel home theater and gaming 40 percent of the time.

I'd love any and all cable recommendations ... thanks!
you made excellent choices in gear,before you leap into big$$$ cables try some off the shelf accoustic research cables & standard 12 or 10 gauge speaker wire.

you have a preamp with tone controls that will be able to replicate any tone's that come from different types of cables.

im very happy with my home made (10 gauge) speaker wire & tributaries interconnects from my mcintosh gear.
Hi JM,

I've tried a few cables in my MAC system. I've tried Kimber, Stealh, Nordost, Discovery, and a few others, but I've had the best results so far with Cardas Golden Reference. If I remember correctly Ron-C of MAC was/is a fan of Tributaries and Bigjoe certainyl knows MAC gear, so I would suggest taking advantage of this great community and try a few different cables. Since you're buying used to begin with, you won't lose much, if at all, on the resale if you don't like them.
Thanks, Michaela; thanks Bigjoe ... I appreciate the advice.