Cable recommendations for Rega Dac and Sonos

I am seeking some recommendations or advice from anyone that has or has had a Rega Dac used with a Sonos Connect.
I will be looking at both Digital and Power Cables. For a brief system review, Dac connects a ARC LS26 and McIntosh
MC402. I am mostly listening to MOG and Pandora and currently a free trial of Rhapsody. Currently using an old
Tributaries Silver V1 Dig/Vid with 2.5% silver. I did demo an Audioquest Blackhawke but I would like to try a few before I buy. Also I would prefer to buy used here on A'Gon, in hopes of a better cable than I can buy new. I need to keep it under 250.00 for the time being. As far as PC I would like to stay under 100.00.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Theo - you are in luck. The best coax cable you can get is only $250 from Empirical Audio, called the BNC-BNC cable with RCA adapters. My customers have had shootouts with all kinds of cables. This one always wins. read the reviews on my forum:

Purchase at the pull-down menu:

You might want to consider a reclocker for the Sonos. This installs between the Sonos and DAC and makes the biggest difference in sound quality. Bigger than the cables for sure. The Synchro-Mesh is a reference reclocker. Most of my customers use it with Sonos:

It also has an optional upgrade power supply, the Dynamo. With the Synchro-Mesh powered with the Dynamo, you will have a reference quality digital source.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio