Cable recommendations for Exposure 2010S2 ?

New owner of an Exposure 2010S2 integrated and was wondering what interconnects and speaker cables other owners of similar vintage Exposure gear are using with good results.

The rest of my system is:

Ariston RD11 Superieur/Rega RB250/AT440MLa/Lounge Audio LCR MkIII phono pre/Lounge Audio cables
(RG58U - solid copper center conductor & thick copper braided shielding with capacitance of 30 pico farads per foot w/REAN rca's).

Laptop w JRiver & Tidal /Cambridge DacMagic 100 w/ UltraLink Challenger cables

PSB GT1 towers bi-wired w/ Monster Cable Z2 Series speaker cables  

I have two of the Aristons - a pre-Linn version and a later S - great TT's - equal to the Sondeks! You already have a fine system! I'd leave it alone and just enjoy listening to favorite recordings! IMO there is no need to be neurotic about wire. There is little or no benefit to changing what you already have (contrary to what the "golden ears" crowd claims).
You already floated the same post yesterday on CANUCKAUDIOMART

Yes I did. More input the better.