Cable recommendations for cary slp-98p & cary 120s

Looking for some reconditions over copper or silver interconnects for my cary slp98p to my Cary 120s power amp. I am using Kimber silver streaks from my cary cd player to my preamp and made a huge difference in clarity and image and speed. But should a person go with copper for preamp to power amp or silver be better signal transfer?

Also would a Shunyata Zi-tron cobra power cord be a good choice for a cary power amp? Since i have shunyata viper Zi-tron power cords for the rest of my system."

Let me know your experiences
I always use silver cables with tubes and since the Silver Streaks are doing well for you why not try another Kimber, say KCAG or more Silver Streaks for preamp to amp? I use KCAG myself from source to preamp,a great cable, transparent as can be and nice synergy with tubes.
I had great luck with Audio Magic cables with my SLP-98 and SLP-05. I agree that silver cables seem to work very nicely with tube equipment.
I must tell you that Amadi makes cables that are world class for a song. They fly under the radar, but best big dollar cables. I know as I have owned many big dollar cables and Amadi gives up nothing! Look at the ads here on the Gon.
You already know that Kimber works well with your equipment. The signature stays the same, as one ascends up the Kimber line. You just get more and better, of everything good, along the way. I've got both 1030 and 1130's in my system now, and have no plans to replace them. I'm also using Synergistic Research Tesla Apex interconnects and some SR power cords, with my Cary gear, with excellent sonic reward.
I agree with what's been said, you're happy with the silver Kimber, so why not stick with it? The quality of silver cables can certainly vary among brands. The better quality ones will provide excellent transparency and will preserve the natural warmth and tone of your tube components (as you've discovered). I'd stay on the same course if I were you. Many opinions on this frequently asked topic but I find good silver cables more natural than good copper cable.
Jakecanada, check out Audio Sensibility’s Statement Silver interconnect. They are made with Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) silver with a purity of 99.99998% (7N), terminated with Furutech and custom-made 303 Stainless Steel RCA barrels. Retail is only $399. They are a small company with excellent customer service and only use well known high quality materials/manufactures without the insane prices normally attributed to silver cables.!/~/product/category=2595836&id=11683761

I changed out my Kimber Select series for these cables. No affiliation other than a happy customer.
BTW: A good way to audition cables, in your own system,
without having to buy outright, is The Cable Company's lending
library: ( &
( Whatever you pay for an audition,
will be deducted from the price, should you decide to
purchase. Great people which which to deal, and you don't
have to depend on someone else's opinions/tastes/aural acuity.
I've had great luck with Goertz AG1 silver speaker cables and Sapphire interconnects in one of my systems.
P.S. I forgot to add I have Cary SLP98 plus Cary v12, 300SEI. Best with either of these systems.
I have a question for Mikirob what dose your slp98 have phono preamp built in it. Also did you try silver cables in phono mode and what did you find compared to copper interconnects?
Just like copper, the quality of the silver has a lot to do with the sound. High quality silver is grain free with extended highs and deep bass extension. IME, harsh sounding silver cables utilized poor quality silver.

I am not a big fan of the silver coated copper cables. If given the choice, I would choose a high quality 6N copper cable over a poor quality silver cable or silver copper hybrid. I would ignore any manufacture that does not state the purity of the conductor used.

Using a high quality silver phono cable from the TT into your phono section/pre-amp yields (IME) the greatest improvement.
I've been lucky to find used but well kept cables to move signal around my in my rig. Highly recommended as many audiophilliacs are infected with the upgrade bug and compulsively change out very good stuff for a song...I bought a $400 solid silver IC for 65 bucks or so, as well as many other great sounding it now...
Great transparency, kept the warmth, lower noise floor, smooth, everything better, pristine.