Cable recommendations

Currently have Lexicon MC-1 w/Cinepro 3k6 Amp. Speakers are B&W N803, HTM-1 as the Center and N805's in rear. Looking for the most bang for the buck in cables. Have been looking at Pro Silways, and the Silver Audio's Hyasynth cables as possibilities for interconnects. Any recommendations would be welcome.
Hello Jeraza, Try Synergistic Research. This is the brand I have been using for my home theater setup. I like these cables not just because they sound great but upgradeable too. If you buy this level of cable this year and next year you would like to upgrade. They will buy back your old cable in credit toward the new ones. What a deal? Anyway if you have any other questions about this brands I would sure and glad to help you out. Take Care Bill
Why not check out Stealth cables at They come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and there are often promotions and special prices. Even at regular prices they compete, in my experience, with "name brands" costing several times as much. You can't really go wrong with them.
Yeah Pro Silway Mk 2 are very good for the money, much better in my opinion than AQ Lapis or TARA master gen 2. I'm sure there are other good ones, but I found the Silways quite good myself.
I agree with Tom the STEALTH interlinkhouse are a wonderful sounding cable without selling the farm. They are REAL bright at first but calm down a lot with 10-20 hrs. of playing. Tighten up the bass and add alot of mid and high end detail
Have found that JPS Superconductor is a very NEUTRAL interconnect. Also try out the Delta Lab SR 7 Silver Interconnect on the auction. An Excellent cable rivaling many $1000 interconnects. For about $150.... An absolute STEAL!! Enjoy