Cable Recommendations?

Ciao Bella! Looking for some input here. I have Pass XA200 amplifiers, the Pass XP20 pre-amp, B&W 802 Diamond loudspeakers, and my front end includes a computer server, a high-end transport and dcs Debussy DAC. My question is really about new cables. I currently use the TARA Labs Zero and Omega cables in my system. I’ve heard that TARA Labs has actually surpassed these cables with a new series called Evolution? Anyone have any experience with this?
Hi, I own the same cables as you do, and I am VERY Happy with them, My audiogon memeber friend Rebel721 orered the New Tara Labs Evolution Zero interconnects and Evolution Omega Speaker cables, with the exception of the new Tara labs Evolution Grandmaster cable system, It has been said by many that this new Tara labs Evolution cables are the BEST cable available, state of the art,there is nowhere near any competition from other cables out there!, you may give Rebel721 an E-mail, he is a nice guy, I'm sure he will respond to you,but if you have questions about the cables,Though I do not own these cables, I have extensive info about them, I can answer all the questions you may have about Tara Labs new cables on the tara labs thread site here on audiogon, cheers.
charlieclarke, did you know Tara labs has three new flag ship power cables now?, they are selling them now, however, They are not on the tara web-site yet, They are the new cobalt Reference power cord as third, The new Omega power cord as second, and the New Grandmaster power cord as top.
Hi Charlie, nice to hear a Brit speak Italian....just kidding. BTW you might try Discovery Cable Essence Balanced. I own Pass gear and several of the personnel at Pass use this same cable. It works extremely well.

Ciao Bello
Cheers Mister Audiolabyrinth… I happen to think that the TARA Labs ZERO Interconnects and OMEGA Speaker Cables are beyond comparison. My system is neutral, 3D, revealing, high res and very musical. I have tried many other cables but they are just tone-controls that colour the music in some way. There is nothing here in the UK that is worth listening to, and so I have to seek out high-end American advice, so I welcome your feedback. I have not got around to proper AC power cabling. There is some good stuff in the UK already, but I am sure the American AC power cables are in another league altogether.
All cables sound different with different components ....its an interaction that makes them sound how they sound. You have to audition cables in your own system to hear if they work for you.
Hi Charlieclarke, I agree with your thoughts on the Tara labs Zero Gold and Omega Gold cables,I do not know what your Budget is for getting any new Tara labs cables, keeping close to the price you have spent on the cables you own, I will tell you of the New Evolution Zero and Evolution Omega cables, The New Zero Evolution with HFX Floating Ground station system interconnects- The New Evolution is another remarkable breakthrough in cutting edge technology and design from Tara labs., The Zero Evolution design supercedes the Zero Gold with a 75% increase in bandwidth, in addition to an incredible 2.5 pico-farads capacitance per-foot,resulting in a vanishingly low noise floor that creates the widest dynamic range possible., The SAOF-8N 99.999999% inline polished conductors uses the new Tara labs proprietary Liquid-film dielectric. The Zero Evolution also includes the new flexible air tube design and technology, This results in a sound that reveals fine nuances of attack,sustain and delay,and is extremely revealing of subtle high frequency detail., The listener exsperience is described as holographic and lifelike., This is the new replacement for our cables, Our cables are now 3rd in the line up of Tara labs from the top, this new cable that is 2nd from the top has completly different dielectrics , air-tube,and design from the ground up!, cheers.
Hi Charlieclarke, Here is the New Evolution Omega Speaker cables that is 2nd from the top model- The Omega Evolution has now become one of Tara Labs ultimate speaker cables., The RSC conductors are insulated with a fine layer of Aerospace polyethylene, a very nuetral material with almost no audible effect,.The Omega Evolution delivers lifelike,holographic sound,pin point imaging and clear resolution of fine detail with extreme ease., what you will hear is an accurate harmonic structure extending upwards with the finest and most delicate of high frequencies, this will be contrasted with a vanishingly low noise floor, The reproduction of the recorded space can only be described as holographic, The qualities of a reverberation and ambient retrieval are simply astonishing, The Omega Evolution has a level of performance that is beyound comparison to any other speaker cable in the world with the obvious exception of the Top of the line Grandmaster Evolution cables, BSM with 1/4 or 5/16 spades or bannanas, 4+gauge conductor runs per channel, SAOF-8N copper, Each channel comprised of 224 RSC GEN-2 conductors in Aero-PE GMI dielectric, seperate positive and negative conductor run for each channel,Helixed Rectangular solid-core conductors and Air tube technology,Spectacular power and clarity, absolutely nuetral and coherent, superb resolution of micro detail and ambient information, powerful dynamic contrast, superbly defined and vivid images, This speaker cable is competly made different than our Omega Gold speaker cables too, I do not believe you will need the Tara Labs Evolution Grandmaster cables that is the NEW fagship cable model from Tara Labs, I will lightly elaborate on that super cable system, The Evolution Grandmaster speaker cables have a linearity of a 32 gauge conductor, with 288 conductors per channel, The gauge size is 000 with an area of 85,000 square milimeters per channel with the all new extremly flexible Air-tube Technolgy, and then the New Evolution Grandmaster interconnect has Dual Mono-block HFX Floating ground station with the all new Generation 3 conductors that are currently only in this interconnect!,and the Capacitance is less than 2 pico-farods per foot in the Evolution Grandmaster interconnect, Hope all this helps?, cheers ole chap.
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All cables sound different with different components ....its an interaction that makes them sound how they sound. You have to audition cables in your own system to hear if they work for you....."


Stringreen nailed it ... point, set and match!
since the op already has some top model Tara labs cables and believes nothing is better for him, why would it not be a fit for the new top two tara labs cables models to be on his system?, I am sure they sound very similiar, I am +1 on the same idea of auditioning cables, However, I am saying that these will likly be the best match!
Neotech. UPOCC copper at a much better price than the Tara Labs.