Cable recommendation for Soliloquy 6.3's?

Hi. Hoping for some cable recommendations for my new speakers that are on the way-Soliloquy 6.3's. I currently run Kimber 8TC's/Nordost Blue Heaven IC's and was wondering if this would work well with the speaker? Amp/pre is yet to be determined...I will probably go with a tube pre/SS amp. Any help would be appreciated-thanks!
I believe Soliloquy recommends Analysis Plus for their speakers. I used them when I had my 5.3s and they worked well together.
I second the analysis plus I have heard the combo at my local Soliloquy dealer and they sounded great.
Which Analysis Plus cables were you listening to? Speaker or IC's? I see the Oval 12 and Oval 9 that are in my price range.
FWIW, I used the AP Silver Oval speaker cables with my 6.2's, and found them to be excellent. Soliloquy told me that they us AP wiring internally.
I went a different route with my 6.3's. My friends are using Purist wire and they got me started. I'm currently using Museaus Shotgun Biwire for speaker cables. A very natural sound with the 6.3's, they seem to like biwireing, and SS amp. I notice there is a pair of biwire on sale here on Audiogon for $375. Good price.Purist Audio Design
What about the Signal Cable Ultra biwire and IC? I see alot of people touting this cable as great for the money, but not so much about how it really sounds. Plus, they are cheap!

Those Museaus look great, but I need banana plugs on my amp end (I have a weird connnector on my CODA amp).