Cable recommendation for Krell & Vandersteen

Posting for a buddy of mine...

Looking for cable recommendations (speaker cable and XLR interconnects) that mate well with Krell KAV-300i integrated, KAV-250cd/2 cd player and Vandersteen 2c speakers? Looking for the best bang for the buck, so I’m figuring used. Type of music he listens to is everything from electronic to heavy metal.

Make your own.

Highly recommend the Connex pure silver interconnect, shielded cables from Parts Connexion, along with Neutrik connectors from Parts Express.

Blue Jeans - I use them and they are Belden cable, which is what is used in most recording studios and applications. Low capacitance and sounds great.
Vandersteen recommends and uses Audioquest cables in their demos. 
So many I know recommend Audioquest (though not silver) for Vandys
I have some Studio Cables 4S Interconnects and Bi-wire Speakers cables for my Vandy's
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I also have some Studio Cables 4S cables for my 2CE's. Check them out: