Cable recommendation for Krell & Vandersteen

Posting for a buddy of mine...

Looking for cable recommendations (speaker cable and XLR interconnects) that mate well with Krell KAV-300i integrated, KAV-250cd/2 cd player and Vandersteen 2c speakers? Looking for the best bang for the buck, so I’m figuring used. Type of music he listens to is everything from electronic to heavy metal.

Make your own.

Highly recommend the Connex pure silver interconnect, shielded cables from Parts Connexion, along with Neutrik connectors from Parts Express.

Blue Jeans - I use them and they are Belden cable, which is what is used in most recording studios and applications. Low capacitance and sounds great.
Vandersteen recommends and uses Audioquest cables in their demos. 
So many I know recommend Audioquest (though not silver) for Vandys
I have some Studio Cables 4S Interconnects and Bi-wire Speakers cables for my Vandy's
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I also have some Studio Cables 4S cables for my 2CE's. Check them out: 
I've been happy with Anticables (bi-wired) and Anticables ICs for my 2Cs using both Krell and Vincent amps
Currently using mogami 3082 for speaker cable and mogami 2534 for balanced connection between krell components. Sound is good, but seems maybe slightly veiled and slightly boomy in the mid bass. This of course fluctuates a little depending on what type of music you are listening to, and quality and mix of the recording. Not sure if I should be looking at all copper stuff, all silver or a silver coated copper? Since posting this query, I had emailed The Cable Company for some input. Based ob my budget of $500 or less, they recommended Kimber Hero XLR and Kimber 4VS/8VS. I assume they mean 4VS for the upper and 8VS for lower on the Vandys. The didn’t recommend AQ as they are warmer sounding. Another thing to mention (and I’m sure this will generate some responses) is that I’m using the Vandys in single cable mode, no biwire. I have tried biwire in the past and I feel there is something missing in the range of sound. Almost like there is a gap somewhere. However, this was a long time ago, and perhaps I should give biwire another try. I do have a hefty supply of MIT in-wall speaker cable I could use to see of bi-wiring does anything for me. As for Kimber, i used to have 4TC at one time and though it was a very open and full sounding cable that didn’t enhance bass, but rather kept it punchy. Of course, I cannot recall what gear I was using at the time, but I still had the Vandys at that time. I just wish I could try cables out before buying anything since there are so many factors involved.
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As a Vandy fan and an AQ fan, I am certainly biased.
First, I would definitely biwire. 
Second, if you can arrange a trial(-I though Cable Company offered trials, or maybe it is the used website-which I forget the name of), get the Kimber and a set of AQ GO-4's and see which suits you. I owned Kimber decades ago, and they were the cat's meow.
For the money AQ is the best value.
I would PM John Rutan and get his take. He know this stuff much better than anyone I know, and is a great guy. (Agon name is audioconnection).
@gdnrbob.  Great advice!!
Electronic and heavy metal I’d definitely stay away from silver and ultra revealing cables. On a serious note Belden, Mogami and Canare are actually very good cables a little on the warmer side. I have a lot of experience with the Canare line. For the money AQ, Kimber and the other boutique lines can’t touch studio cables until you start spending the money. Look into Canare and buy some Neutrik and build your own. Check out 
Hi guys, 

Thanks for the additional feedback--I appreciate it! 

I have to correct something I said in my previous post above. I was incorrect about what The Cable Company recommended for my set-up. It was not AQ that was the "warmer" cable, it was Kimber. They actually recommended AQ or Analysis Plus (which is too expensive anyway), as well as Kimber if I wanted something on the warmer side. If I wanted neutral, which is what I am looking for, AQ would be the way to go. Sorry for the confusion... and for confusing myself. 

I had spoken to John Rutan a while back on matching another piece of gear with the Vandys. I gave him my budget concerns and he suggested I find some of the older AQ CV-4 speaker cable. I did find some and still have it in storage. In fact, I have enough of it to make a bi-wire run on each speaker. When I got the Krell integrated, I did send him a quick note asking if the CV-4 was still good to use with the Krell and I think he still recommended it, but I will have to check my old emails. 

As for interconnects, what AQ XLR's are good that will match well the the Krell integrated and cd player?  I found a pair of used AQ King Cobra's in XLR for $70. Are they any good?  If I recall, when I had spoke with John R. about interconnects (RCA) he recommended Red River or Mackenzie. Anyone compare these to the King Cobra's? Any other AQ suggestions? 
If your equipment supports the Balanced protocol, then buying expensive XLR cables will/should yield minimal differences in sound reproduction.
I'd just get the King Cobra's.
I've never heard a 'bad' AQ cable. They just get more refined/defined as you go up the chain.
I have always used Connex cables and I must say they haven't disappointed me