Cable recommendation for Jolida/Triangle

Hey, I was wondering if anyone out there had some speaker cable recs for: Ah Njoe Tjoeb into Jolida 302B (via Tributaries - am looking to try out the HG Silver Lace) into Triangle Zephyr. I like a bold, engaging, up-front sound but not at the expense of tone. Currently I'm using Tributaries' copper/silver cable, but I assume I can do better. From reading the boards I'm considering Coincident (which one?), Analysis Plus, and possibly used Cardas or Homegrown. TIA.
The 47 Labs OTA kit will make both speaker cable and IC's. Try a search under OTA and maybe 47 Labs and there is more info at this site. The entire kit is $600 and you should have plenty of cable and RCA's left over for future use (perhaps a second bedroom or office system).
Thanks for the rec, I read the 47 Lab thread and was impressed with your (plural) descriptions. I have the coordination of a 13 year old in a growth spurt, how hard are these things to make? Also, I had intended on upgading to HG interconnects, but I think if I were to get the kit I would try that out first. What would you say is the primary difference between the two interconnect cables (47 & HG)?
The 47 Labs sounds more realistic. It's hard to nail down exactly what it does, but I cannot enjoy the sound of the HG Super Silver's anymore in comparison to the OTA and before I really liked them. Everything for me is based on such comparison and once you hear something that clicks more, it's hard to go back (because now you know). The IC's are easy to make if you bevel/taper the insulation a bit when inserting the cable into the black part of the IC (this is not needed for the white part). Each plastic RCA comes in two parts. The kit has two short examples already made up for you to copy. $600 is a lot in one chunk, but considering that you get killer speaker cable plus three sets of IC's (to grow) it's also a very frugal purchase in the long run. Before, I replaced a pair of Harmonic Tech Truthlinks with the HG IC (the HG's were more dynamic, more forward and had finer detail). The OTA has even yet finer detail and a more realistic portrayal of everything from the bass on up to strings, bells and cymbals. It is not a slight improvement, but a major one when either the SS or the tube amps are used.