Cable recommendation for Classe-Sonus Faber set up

My newly set up system comprises: a Classe 301 power amp, Sonus Faber Grand Piano speakers, Electocompaniet EMC CD player and Cardas Golden Reference Interconnects with Golden Cross speaker cables.

Midrange is smooth and the highs are well extended. My problem is a lack of pace and a slightly bloated bass. I've used every conceivable tweak like moving my speakers off the wall, dampening the walls and isolating my equipment. I am convinced the problem lies in the cables, especially the Golden Cross speaker cable. A switch to a old DIY pair of speaker cables validated my fears. The bass bloat was gone but with the DIY pair, I lost all the mid-range fullness and the highs were too fatiguing.

I am at a loss at what will be ideal speaker cables to complement the Classe-Sonus set up. My listening tastes are to the warmer side - don't want to lose midrange fullness but need a tight bass and good transparency. Anyone out there can recommend an ideal speaker cable/interconnect that will match my system. My budget is under $1,000. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks.
I would recommend Harmonic Tech. Pro9.I'am using with my SF.
Grand Piano with great results.
[email protected], so what did you ended up with power cord or new speaker cable? I am in similar situation and would like to know.

I'm still keeping the Cardas cables. They have the 'tubey' fullness in sound that I can't be replicated elsewhere. I've tried a mix of Shunyata, Acoustic Zen and Dave Elrod power cords in my system. Would say I'm 75% with the sound I want but not found the last ounce of transparency and bass tightness. Still experimenting. Drop me a mail.
I have both Classe and Krell gear with my Sonus Faber Amati Homage speakers. I use "Transparent Reference" biwired spkr. cable.

All "Audioquest Diamond" balance interconnects.

And all "BMI Whale Elite" power cords. With perfect neutralness, and synergy in resulting incredible sound.
Hello. I am using a CA-301 with Kimber SELECT 1111 and 1121 balanced IC with excellent results. A friend has the CA-401 with the Kimber SELECT KS-1130 --just awesome!Although he is using the very impressive Kimber SELECT KS-3035, the Kimber Monocle or BiFocal X or XL are also very good and also more reasonably priced.

peter jasz