cable recomendation

I looking for a single ended cables between my golden tube sep1 and se40 class a tube amp (pre is tube also) any ideas?
I recently upgraded all single ended interconnects to Harmonic Technology Truth-Link. You can't go wrong with these cables. Very smooth and they bring everything into focus without obscuring any of the inner detail and harmonic structure of the music. My system currently consists of ARC D-115 amp ARC SP-8 pre-amp and NHT 2.5i speakers. If your system is soft and doesn't have a tendency towards brightness in the highs like mine does with the NHT's, you may want to consider the HT pro silkway cables. These cables supposedly add more treble detail than the truth-links. They are a bit more expensive but you can try them out through a dealer and send them back if they don't work. Should get 30 day money back if not satisfied. You should pay no more than 215.00 for 1 meter pair of truth-link and 315.00 for 1 meter pair of pro silkway's look up Harmonic Technology home page. You can also find these cables used on occasion. For the money if these cables aren't the best they certainly aren't bested by any. Great value!
I really like Kimber's KCAG between my tube units (Sonic Frontiers) - you can find them on the web site for less than $200 for .5 meter, if you shop around. They add a lot of clarity to tube setups.