Cable rec for Triangle Antal/Linn Classik combo


I would like to ask for speaker recommendations
for connecting Triangle Antal to a Linn Classik.
Also, is biwiring worth it?

Nothing hugely expensive
please, I'm on a budget.

Fast cables do the trick, even if they are slightly restricted in the lower mids/upper bass. The cheaper Nordosts (models below Blue Heaven) are one good choice. Also if on a budget, I would recommend single wiring in order to open up your choices -- pricewise.
I owned the Antal xs for about 6 months and despite the reviews, they are IMHO, bass shy. I would suggest staying away from silver cables, which will probably be budget-busters anyway. I used Discovery 1-2-3 biwire which were fine. And yes, bi-wiring is worth it. I'm not sure I agree with Gregm on the Nordost Flatline. Although inexpensive, they are not detailed enough for the Antals. While the Blueheaven bi-wire can be gotten reasonably used, separate runs (shot-gun) of Kimber 8TC could be a better match/value.