Cable re-burn in

How long does it take for an already burnt in cable to re-burn in back to optimal? I'm doing a lot of interconnect and speaker cable comparisons and sometimes a cable will sit unused for several hours to several days. Is it a fair comparison to A/B one cable against another when cable "B" has sat for unused foe 3 days?
For me I have an IsoTek CD System Enhancer & Rejuvenation Disc that is about an hour long. I just let the disk play from beginning to end once or twice depending on how long cables or my system has been sitting dormant. I found that is all I need. If the cables haven been sitting dormant for several hours I wouldn't sweat it. I would think you and your ears may need a break from all the A/Bing then re-burning in your ICs and SCs.

Another idea would be to maybe just throw together a 2nd system together where signals will be sent through the ICs and SCs while you are doing A/Bing in your main rig?
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I just purchased a pair of ( lightly used ) Silnote Morpheus Ref 2 interconnects, and cold they sounded slightly dark and muted...After about 10-15 hours ( actual playing time ) ...The improvement was unreal...Hard to believe,but quite a change///I put them on Cd player overnight ( on repeat ) , and the next day,they were considerably better...
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