Cable re-burn in

How long does it take for an already burnt in cable to re-burn in back to optimal? I'm doing a lot of interconnect and speaker cable comparisons and sometimes a cable will sit unused for several hours to several days. Is it a fair comparison to A/B one cable against another when cable "B" has sat for unused foe 3 days?
I would suspect that several hours is not enough to change anything but several days or perhaps weeks will do it. I remember that when reviewer disconnected battery from Audioquest IC he could not hear any difference but connecting it back after long time was audible (cleaner "darker" background, better clarity etc.)
I dunno, domino. Do you honestly believe that if there is a correct answer to this question you will be able to identify it buried within the number of "other" answers in this thread?
Of course the longer you wait the less likely you remember what something sounds like. Aural memory for musical sounds is very short
Pretty simple actually: for every three hours left unplugged

The quintic looks like this:

ax^5 + bx^4 + cx^3 + dx^2 + ex + f = 0, x or as I like to put it, .... It Depends on your equipment and level of OCD.
For me I have an IsoTek CD System Enhancer & Rejuvenation Disc that is about an hour long. I just let the disk play from beginning to end once or twice depending on how long cables or my system has been sitting dormant. I found that is all I need. If the cables haven been sitting dormant for several hours I wouldn't sweat it. I would think you and your ears may need a break from all the A/Bing then re-burning in your ICs and SCs.

Another idea would be to maybe just throw together a 2nd system together where signals will be sent through the ICs and SCs while you are doing A/Bing in your main rig?
Can't recall comedy (is it American Pie?) where kids tried to "rewind" odometer placing "Corvette" on the reverse gear:-)
I just purchased a pair of ( lightly used ) Silnote Morpheus Ref 2 interconnects, and cold they sounded slightly dark and muted...After about 10-15 hours ( actual playing time ) ...The improvement was unreal...Hard to believe,but quite a change///I put them on Cd player overnight ( on repeat ) , and the next day,they were considerably better...
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Ferris Bueller is correct. I can still recall the look on the owners son's face when it went through the glass. Purely dismayed. Great movie BTW!
The temperature of your room will affect the burn in time and most high quality cables need minimum 150 hours burn in time whether they are new or used. You will know when they are broken in because the artist/band will start to play outside the actual speakers and there will be a ton more emotion in each cut compared to when the cables were moved around or reconnected. Also try and keep cables off carpet as static electricity can cause problems with certain brands. Once the cables are in a warm room and not being moved around or on carpet they normally only need 5 minutes of warm up.
Thanks for reminding. Great movie I agree. Just made my point on how to reverse burn-in LOL!:-)
Can excessive gear burn-in lead to burn-in burnout? Can you be burned by listening to non burned-in gear? Can burn-in lead to burn up in extreme cases? If you lower the temperature of a listening room does your cable reverse burn-in? Is reverse burn-in also a form of burnout? Somebody give me a QUINTIC!
I have always been skeptical about cable burn in.

Last week I recommissioned a pair of bi-wire AQ Caldera speak cables that I plan to sell here on AGon. Initially the sound I go was terrible. Dark, hazy sound with no stage depth or width. I would have immediately swapped them back out but had worked up a sweat installing them so I let them be and kept music on throughout the day as I tooled around the house.

The next day things sounded much better and by last night I was considering leaving them in and selling my Transparent Ultra XL cables instead.
If there not XLR look around for a Duotech cable burner. It burns Cables and Speaker cables. Hook up cables, plug in and turn on. It plays white noise through the cables,you can't hear it though. Look on Ebay.
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I found this. That's a reasonable price since I paid 174.95 for my Duotech in 1981.