Cable Question

I'm looking for comments on Tara Ref Gen interrconnects and Audiodyne Benchmark bi wire speaker cable. They connect a system comprised of an ARC 100.2 and LS15, B&W 803 matrix III and Rega Planet(original) cd. I'm getting ready for an upgrade and wonder if I should focus on the cd player, cables or both.
Audiodyne? They went out of business a few years back. Last I heard they were bought out by Syncronous Systems in Minnesota.
Any idea how the audiodyne cables compare to the others in their price range($350 for 8' bi-wire). They sound good to me but I haave not done any comparisons in my system.
I had a friend that used to own them. They sounded quite good in his system. I think for a pure silver cable, Audiodyne was a steal. No way you could build that quality today at that price.